What is My Art Friends?

My Art Friends is an art-based learning community that
supports creative expression 
as well as relationship building. Our UNIQUE community is a place where children can grow as an artist with the support of other artists and teachers. 

How does My Art Friends work?

Through the use of an online community, children are able to
have 24/7 access to lessons, private community forum and fun experiences. 

 Are Ms. Marianne and Ms. Jennifer background checked?

Yes we are background checked and documentation can be provided.
For more info about us click here About

How do we verify that children are the users?

Each user is vetted during an on-boarding call with Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Marianne.
All live instruction must be conducted with cameras on per our policy.
Our policy can be found here Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
All users agree to these terms of use before access.

  How does My Art Friends compare to other lesson-based sites?

Our value is unparalleled to all other lesson-based sites.  We provide QUALITY and VARIETY with our art experiences through lessons that are both live and recorded. Our community provides
social interactions with peers and teachers on a daily basis. All for one low price that
far exceeds that of our competitors. 

For a breakdown, view our value list here Join Now

How do you keep my child(ren) safe?

Your child’s safety is our priority.  Please ensure that you read our Privacy Policy and discuss it with your child before becoming active in the community.  If at ANY time you have a concern about safety, please contact us IMMEDIATELY at help@MyArtFriends.com

How do you create lesson plans?

Did you know Ms.Marianne has a Masters in Education and a Virginia state license for
grades PK to 6? She has made our lessons align to Virginia standards
and is able to align the lessons to your state standards too!
Reach out to us for more information. 

What social connections will my child gain from My Art Friends?

Community building is of utmost importance to My Art Friends. Children will
develop these relationships on their own via slack messaging and with
teacher-led discussions via slack and various live zoom sessions.

Is My Art Friends just for home-school children?

No.  My Art Friends is for everyone!

What age should my child be to join My Art Friends?

My Art Friends is currently geared for students who are pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. 
We welcome all students regardless of their art ability.

How much does it cost?  Are there any hidden fees?

First and foremost, there are NO hidden fees.  Your annual or monthly membership
includes all of our offerings.  For our pricing please visit Join Now

How does billing work?

You may choose a monthly or yearly billing cycle. Billing information can be found here
Join Now

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime.
Please read our cancellation and refund policy here Refund Policy

Can I sign up for multiple accounts?

Yes! We encourage families to sign up multiple children. 
We believe this can be a fun and engaging experience for the whole family.
More info here Join Now

If your question is not answered above, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.