Community Standards

Be Respectful

Send kind messages when chatting.  Give courteous feedback to peers.  Be encouraging to others

 Give Credit

If you are inspired by someone or something else be sure to link the source

Have Fun

Be Silly, Be Brave, Be You

Try Something New

My Art Friends is a safe non judgemental space. Step outside your comfort zone and try a new form of art or a new media. We are here to help and encourage you.

Stay Safe

Keep your personal information to yourself. Do not share your phone number, address, email address, social media handle, video game handle, or anything that provides information to contact you in any way outside of My Art Friends. 


*Failing to comply by My Art Friends Community Standards may result in your account being put on hold or canceled at the discretion of My Art Friends after communicating with parents/guardians. 


For additional documentation please visit Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.